Thursday, November 11, 2010

The yoga of relationship

Catch on yet? The Yoga Teacher is relationship with the world around us from man-made machine to the core of the planet to galaxies billions of light years away. Relationship begins and ends with other humans. It is the reason we are here. Mastery of relationship is the only thing that can save us....from ourselves...which is also the only thing fully capable of destroying us.
Why mastery of relationship? Because how we relate to others is the foundation of how we treat others. And relationship starts with recognition. For example, when we meet a stranger, we instantly recognize at least one trait that exists in that person which also resides within us. Based on weather this is positive recognition ("this person dresses nicely") we instantly feel attracted to or ("I don't like the way this guy talks so loudly") turned off by the person. It would serve us well to remember that we only are capable of relating to what we already recognize and when someone bothers us, it is because we already understand through personal experience of whatever caused the bristle. When we are able to recognize that a little bit of who we are resides within every other person with whom you experienced interactions whether tiny or significant, you begin to change how you react to others. Our reaction/ action toward others is the ONE and ONLY thing we are actually capable of controlling in our relationships.
From the perspective that our purpose here is relationship mastery(control of reaction and action toward others), just think how the world would change. And the world can and is changing. Mastery of relationship with woman-kind ends the need for prostitution and innumerable other atrocities. Mastery of relationship with children ends child abuse, neglect, starvation and beyond-beyond. Mastery of the relationship between business owner and consumer ends...oh my gosh...a whole universe of problems! But for one, how about the endless sea of useless junk that no one really needs.
Mastery of relationship between human and human founds the healing of relationship with our planet. When we care deeply about people, we automatically do the right things environmentally, because that is the best thing for people.
Mastery of the human relationship can be summed up in one word: yoga, meaning union. Yoga meaning to realize the connection that already exits within this One Human Family. Yoga is the essence by which the channels of this One Family's elixir flows sweetly, freely blessing everyone with abundance and love. Mastery of relationship is yoga. It is the ultimate healer.
So...that is what The Yoga Teacher is all about. It is about you and me. It is about us.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
-John Lennon

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