Sunday, December 26, 2010

Living Prayer; It is What You Do

Prayer is in all things, in all actions. -Mother Teresa

In other words all thought and action sends a message -a request- to God. All action begins with thought. Thought begins with belief. Belief begins in the sub-conscious. The sub-conscious is a store house of all past events and interactions. This means that what and who we are surrounded by impacts the daily prayer in action we send to God. And in effect we as humanity have been sending God one big prayer that has been occurring for all time. Through this we are undeniably linked as One Human family. What we ask for and receive is one and the same thing, but with the illusion of ego separating my suffering from your suffering, from the suffering of people across the world. The illusion of separation can be destroyed through simple compassion. Share what you have that is good and you give yourself the gift that you just gave someone else. Be aware of someone Else's suffering and you feel your own suffering. And thus, your desire will be to end the suffering of the world. But do not fret, as there are billions of us, there is clearly no need to believe that it is up to you as an individual to heal humanity! Through your actions and thoughts, others will be inspired to do the same. Saving the world is a "band-wagon" kind of thing. Monkey see, monkey do. Just be aware of the bandwagons you are tempted to ride on and all will be simple and clear! Participate in the One Prayer of Humanity to heal Humanity!
  • When it feels difficult remember this: When we each do our parts singly, we may not see the effect in the big picture, but it's like putting money in your karmic savings.
  • When others seem resistant to compassion and the spirit of giving, you are simply recognizing resistance within yourself. One is able to recognize only what one has direct personal experience with. This should make it easy to feel compassion for the feeling of resistance in others, as you are aware of how uncomfortable resistance is yourself.
  • Suffering is part of the game and puzzle of human existence. It cannot be eliminated in a day. The choice to experience joy and awakening is made not once, but every moment you wish to experience it. This is an infinite amount of times that the choice must be made. Make this choice whenever you think of it.

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